Fresh bruschetta with tomato and basil

Panini- The Caffe Nuovo range of Panini sandwiches has been the backbone of our sandwich range for over 15 years now. Let the ingredients speak for themselves. The most popular is Milanese, a fresh chicken breast escalope in golden bread crumbs served with mozzarella, tomato, grilled pepper, lemon juice and olive oil. We use only fresh ingredients, much more difficult to work with but has far superior taste and texture.

The Gladiator – New entry Toasted italian focaccia with garlic napoletana sauce, polpette meatballs, jalapenos and mozzarella!

Ciabatta-Focaccia- Nuovo Ciabatta and Focaccia Sandwiches are a speciality of le Puglie and Liguria regions in Italy but can now be found in nearly every region in Italy and abroad. Focaccia bread is about 2000 year old. The name comes from the Latin “Focaccia”meaning health or fireside. Ciabatta is also from Liguria, north west of Italy.

Gran Torino Watch out for this superb Milanese Focaccia, The chicken escalope with parma, cheese and Jalo combination it`s simply irresistible!

Nuovo Pasta- Pasta is an ancient food and fundamental to Italian life. A daily ritual consumed every lunch or dinner as part of the first course, primo piatto.At one time it was a southern speciality but it has now united Italy and is eaten not only by the whole nation but in many other different countries as well.

Soup- Spicy noodles is a new entry at nuovo. A choise of vegetarian, chicken, chicken and mushrooms or prawns is available every day!

Baked potatoes- Jacket potatoes are simple to prepare, extremely versatile and nutritious. Take a look at Nuovo menu for a wide range of choices. Temperature is a vital element to achive a  perfect result.